We welcome you to FYSICA 2017!

Ben Feringa

Nobelprize winner Ben Feringa gave a lecture during FYSICA 2017.

De Oosterpoort

FYSICA 2017 took place in Groningen, in the Oosterpoort.

Plenary Hall

FYSICA 2017 turned out to be a very successful edition. At this picture you can see Ben Feringa as plenary speaker. Photo: NNV

Foyer De Oosterpoort

An impression of the foyer. Photo: NNV

Bart van Wees

Bart van Wees talks about nanospintronics. Photo: NNV

Gijs Wuite

Gijs Wuite gave a lecture on biophysics. Photo: NNV

Jo van den Brand

Jo van den Brand, Physica Lecture. Photo: NNV

Ana Mafalda Monteiro

One of the finalists of the Young Speakers Contest. Photo: NNV


Institutes and companies presented their work and products at the FYSICA-market. Photo: NNV

Focus sessions

In the afternoon, you could make a choice out of several focus sessions. Photo: NNV

Nobel Lecture

Nobel Lecture by Ben Feringa. Photo: NNV

Vorige Volgende

Program FYSICA 2017

We feel very honoured to announce the following plenary speakers:

  • Ben Feringa (University of Groningen) - Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016
  • Bart van Wees (University of Groningen): NWO Spinoza Prize 2016 - Nanospintronics
  • Viola Vogel (ETH Zurich): Julius Springer Prize 2006 for Applied Physics - Mechanobiology. Unfortunately Viola Vogel is ill and not able to come to Groningen. We are very happy and grateful that Gijs Wuite (VU) is going to give a nice talk on biophysics. 
  • Jo van den Brand (Nikhef, VU): Physica Prize 2017 - Gravitational Waves


Registration desk open / coffee & tea & FYSICA-market
10.15 Welcome by Jan van Ruitenbeek, Chair NNV (Kleine Zaal)
10.20 Plenary Physica Lecture: Jo van den Brand (Nikhef, VU): Gravitational Waves: Physics at the extreme
10.50 Plenary Lecture: Gijs Wuite (VU): Frontiers in Single Molecule Manipulation and Imaging of DNA-protein transactions
11.20 Award Ceremonies 'Natuurkundedocent van het Jaar 2017' & "NTvN-prize'
11.30 Young Speakers Contest: 3 finalists
            Aernout van der Poel (VU): Cold collisions in a molecular synchrotron
            Mafalda Monteiro (TUD): Quantum interference in an interfacial superconductor
            Diego Cohen-Maldonado (UvA): Kerr/CFT duality

 12.15 Lunch & FYSICA-market 
  *12.20-13.50 Meeting PUN (for PUN members)
  *12.45-13.45 ALV NNV
  *12.45-13.45 Finals SPIN BSc-contest

14.00 Focus Sessions:

16.00 Tea break & FYSICA-market

16.30 Award Ceremonies 'Young Speakers Contest' & 'BSc-contest'
16.40 Plenary Lecture: Bart van Wees (RUG): Nanospintronics
17.10 Plenary Lecture: Ben Feringa (RUG, Nobel Prize 2016)

18.00 - 19.30 Dinner
19.30 Evening program: Physics & Art - Quantum Sensitivity

21.00 Closing of FYSICA 2017 




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