FYSICA 2019, April 5

Impression 2018: FYSICA-market

Institutes and companies presented their work and products at the FYSICA-market. Photo: NNV

Science Park 904

The main location of FYSICA 2019 on Amsterdam Science Park. Photo: UvA

Jumbo Pavillion

Plenary sessions will be in a Jumbo Pavillion. Photo: Advance Events

IoP WZI research

Physics Research at the UvA. Photo: UvA

VU co-organizer

FYSICA 2019 is also organized by the VU. Photo: VU

Science Park 904 facade

Science Park 904 is the main location of FYSICA 2019. Photo: UvA

Vorige Volgende


FYSICA is the annual physics conference of the Netherlands' Physical Society (NNV). Each year the NNV organises FYSICA in cooperation with a Dutch university, in 2019 with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam with involvement of various Amsterdam Science Park institutes (see below, under Organisation of FYSICA 2019). So every year FYSICA takes place in another city, according to a roster.


FYSICA 2019 will be held on Friday April 5 at Amsterdam Science Park! 

We are very honoured to host the following plenary speakers:

Gérard Mourou (École polytechinique) - Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 and Kobus Kuipers (TU Delft) - Physica Prize 2019 



Organisation of FYSICA 2019

The organising committee of FYSICA 2019 thanks Amsterdam Science Park institutes Amolf, ARCNL, Nikhef, Qusoft, Startup Village and the UvA institutes API, HIMS and IoP for their involvement and for offering tours. The committee consist of:

Elizabeth von Hauff (VU)
Els Koffeman (UvA, Nikhef)
Tom Konijn (NSA)
Joost van Mameren (UvA)
Juan Rojo (VU, Nikhef)
Anne de Visser (UvA)
Christoph Weniger (UvA)

Michiel Thijssen (NNV)
Noortje de Graaf (NNV)


Anja Al (NNV)
Debora van Galen Last (NNV) 


Marten Folkertsma (NSA)


Molenaar Optics Hamamatsu LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH Philips Shell ASML Avantes Oce LASER 2000 Photonis AMOLF ARCNL Delta ITP Gemeente Amsterdam Nikhef QuSoft Universiteit van Amsterdam Vrije Universiteit NWO Innovation Exchange Amsterdam UvA-AMC-HvA Te Lintelo Systems